Technical Support

INNOTIIVE ASIA helps fit your existing technology to your business processes and problems, as well identify your needs to successfully steer your organization in the right direction towards business success through our services and solutions.

Oracle Database Services

  • Oracle Database Installation
  • Oracle Database High Availability (Oracle RAC)
  • Oracle Database Backup (Oracle RMAN)
  • Oracle Disaster Recovery (Oracle Data Guard Implementation)
  • Oracle Disaster Recovery Strategy and Capacity Planning
  • Oracle Database Health Check
  • Oracle Performance Tuning
  • Oracle Data Migration Services
  • Oracle DBA Outsourcing Services
  • Oracle Database Upgrade
  • Oracle Golden Gate Installation and Configuration
  • Oracle Weblogic Installation
  • Oracle Weblogic Performance Tuning
  • Oracle Streams
  • Oracle Database E-Business Suite Tuning
  • Oracle Database Partitioning
  • Oracle Database Support and Maintenance Packages

Microsoft SQL Server Database Services

  • MSSQL Pre Installation Configuration
  • MSSQL Database Installation
  • MSSQL Upgrades & Migration
  • MSSQL Health Check
  • MSSQL Backup and Maintenance
  • MSSQL High Availability
  • MSSQL Disaster Recovery
  • MSSQL Replication Setup and Management
  • MSSQL Performance Tuning

Oracle MySQL Database Services

  • MySQL Database Installation
  • MySQL Version Upgrades
  • MySQL Support and Database Architecture
  • MySQL Monitoring
  • MySQL High Availability
  • MySQL Performance Tuning
  • MySQL Database Support and Maintenance Packages
  • MySQL Cluster
  • MySQL migration

IBM DB2 Database Services

  • DB2 Database Installation
  • DB2 SQL Tuning
  • DB2 HADR Design and Implementation (HA/DR)
  • DB2 Pure Scale
  • DB2 Data Performance and Tuning
  • DB2 Back Up and Recovery Planning and Procedures
  • DB2 Support & Maintenance Packages
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